WonKyu has lost its sparks?

- Like all other WonKyu shippers, I think I have got similar opinion. To me, they seems to play down their relationship a little, at least in public, don’t you think? There are obviously less frequent of skin-ships, tweets, be-known interaction, and subtle mention of each other’s name through random press. Well, cooling down phase does occur now and then with every couple in relationship, doesn’t it? But I still believe their relationship is, nevertheless, going strong underneath ripples. Considering both of them are strong independent characters and their relationship has been taking its time to grow this far. So, I think WonKyu is going to be there for the longest time. As long as they look happy and enjoy their activities, together or separately, the ship is always on.

when in rome.

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A secret of Siwon’s tan


oh, I think… I’m gonna cry~ Kyuhyun<3 You’re a strong person ;-; I love you *-* 

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MBC radio star 120905 with Super Junior:

Throughout the broadcasting, even if I didn’t know Korean, but just by their body language, I get the feeling that the program was focusing on Siwon so much more than on other members (which is fine with me - it’s always like that outside our closed-knitted fandom), and Kyuhyun was unexpectedly mostly playing a quiet character (especially while every one else were attacking Siwon) and he was being trolled constantly by his hyungs, including Siwon himself LOL. 

* Will wait patiently for subs ^ ^

시원이 형 은, 한손으로...!

시원이 형 시원이 형 시원이 형

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120730 Siwon at 12Plus Filming 

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120723 [SCAN] Sparkling Magazine - Siwon 

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Channel A Entertainment Inside – Siwon Cut – 120601

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Turn Around and Say I Love You

Upcoming Taiwan Drama (Currently Filming): 
Ling Ming Yu is involved in a car accident at 36 years old. Her soul returns to her former 22 year old self, and she has a chance to redo over her life again. She was unhappily married to Chen Yi and vows not to let the same thing happen again. What will happen when she forms a love triangle with Chen Yi and Qu Hao?

Main Cast:
Wang Luo Dan - Li Ming Yu
Choi Siwon - Song Chen Yi
Yuan Hong - Yu Qu Hao

Filmed in Shenzhen & Taiwan
From the PD of Hi, My Sweetheart & Summer’s Desire & Scriptwriter of Office Girls|Other Titles: 《如果回到从前》, We Can Return to the Past
Broadcast network: Hunan TV

Scheduled for broadcast in January 2013